Drive business innovation with a 5-day solution sprint

Coder Society solution sprint workshop
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Who’s the sprint for?

Stakeholders and business leaders who want to:

  • put a strategy into practice
  • improve an existing solution
  • validate and assess a new solution
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What are we going to do?

  • evaluate and analyze the status quo
  • explore your market, competitors, and chances
  • present you our drafted solution

What’s the outcome?

Get tangible and actionable results like wireframes, click-through prototypes, and the system architecture.

  • identify & validate innovation opportunities
  • achieve tangible & actionable results
  • new ideas through hands-on consultation

Day 1

Understand & analyze

Together, we define the focus of the sprint and analyze your challenges and opportunities.

Day 2

Ideate & prototype

We use hands-on methods to generate and prototype solution ideas.

Day 3

Identify & plan

We decide on the ideal solution and define the technical requirements and architecture.

Day 4

Document & summarize

We collect our insights and results of the last days and put them into a final presentation.

Day 5

Present & validate

We present you our results and validate them to conclude the sprint with the best possible solution.

Interested in a remote workshop?

The collaboration tools we use:

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Your contacts

Kentaro Wakayama

Kentaro Wakayama

Managing Director, CEO

With his in-depth knowledge of software development and cloud technologies, Kentaro often takes on the lead engineer's role. His analytical, organized, and people-oriented nature makes him an apt advisor on software projects and flexible staffing.

Koji Wakayama

Koji Wakayama

Managing Director

With a knack for design and programming, Koji can effectively bridge the gap between these two disciplines in every project. Hands-on mentality and the ability to make quick but well-founded decisions, let him bring new insights into client projects and consultations.

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