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Innovative projects for your skills.

Join an exclusive community of senior tech freelancers and work together on some of the most exciting and challenging projects out there.

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About us

Transforming the way work is done.

Coder Society is an innovative software consultancy with an expert community of tech freelancers. Our mission is to enable companies to efficiently turn their ideas into smart software solutions. We constantly explore more effective ways of working and base everything we do on our shared principles of trust, hard work, and transparency.

Koji & Kentaro Wakayama, Founders

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We’ll have a 15 minute call to get to know you and understand your needs.

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We keep it personal. You will meet one of our members to showcase your work.

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Why us

Join Coder Society

We’re passionate about our craft. We match you with innovative projects where you will work with other experts.

Some of our community members

Not just any job

Work on challenging projects with people on your own level and learn from the best. All our projects are vetted by other senior developers to ensure a good project setup.

Build your network

You will get an invite to our exclusive Slack-community where you can share expertise and collide with other talented and like-minded experts. And you will be invited to join coder sessions and meetups, both offline and online.

Some of our community members

Focus on your work

Apply for projects that fit your tech-stack with just a click in our Slack job-feed. We take care of the boring admin stuff, so you can focus on your craft.

Coderhub Berlin

Every member has access to our Coderhub in Berlin for co-working, coding sessions and meetups, free of charge.

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Our community

Get to know our experts.

Our community exists of 150+ senior tech freelancers who work together with companies on-site and remote.

Manuel Bieh at Berlin CoderHub, sitting working on a laptop

React Expert

“HTML in JavaScript became popular with the principles of React. Whatever is next will use the same approach.”

Manuel, Frontend Developer

Berlin, Germany

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Cherwin Nooitmeer in Berlin, head shot with a cafe in the background

DevOps Expert

“Today companies realize you can outcompete your competitors with DevOps processes. But in the future DevOps is going to be boring.”

Cherwin, DevOps Engineer

London, UK

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Jilles van Gurp in Berlin, head shot with a tram in the background

Blockchain Expert

“There’s a lot of speculative investment happening in the blockchain space, but not a lot of real use. This will now change, when reality kicks in and new players get involved.”

Jilles, Backend Developer

Berlin, Germany

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Bastian Gruber in Berlin, head shot with a bush in the background

Rust Expert

“Rust is like a parent teaching you rules about how you should act in society. In three years the first major companies will pick it up.”

Bastian, Fullstack Developer

Berlin, Germany

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Viviana Alcalde in Berlin, head shot standing on a bridge

Design Expert

“In the coming years, well designed UX/UI will be taken for granted. People won’t be using products which do not look and feel great.”

Viviana, UX/UI Designer

Berlin, Germany

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