The hype of React and why it's taking over UI development

HTML in JavaScript became popular with the principles of React. Whatever is next will use the same approach.

Manuel Bieh

Manuel Bieh

14 November 20192 min read

Manuel Bieh at Berlin CoderHub, sitting working on a laptop

"React changed everything and made user interface development and sharing of UI components so much easier." I’m Manuel Bieh. I’m a Frontend Developer, specialized in React, as a technology. Building user interfaces with React. And I’m part of the Coder Society.

Why did you specialize in React? Everyone always said you have to separate markup from behaviour. Don't put JavaScript into HTML. So Facebook came and said hey let's not put JavaScript into the HTML. Let's put the HTML into the JavaScript. No! You can't just put HTML into JavaScript. And they said, of course, we can do that. And it's awesome.

That is also the reason why I think many people are so sceptical at first when they see React. They see people put HTML into JavaScript. And they are all like WOAH! What are they doing, are they crazy? But they really make sense if you work with it for a couple of hours, you play around with it a little bit. It makes so much sense because it makes the user interface development so much easier.

What is React? It’s a library which you can use to build components with. So you can create encapsulated components where you say, this is a menu button, and you can use it in whatever project you want. So if you create this button once. You can use it everywhere. That really makes it easy to share components between several projects. So if you build up a library of components, you can quickly create new web applications with it.

What makes React great? It makes it possible to share components with others. Or make your components open source, so that others can use it. And there is a really huge community around React, with people who built really high-quality components for React that you can just install into your project, and don’t have to worry about that. So that saves you hours and days and probably weeks of work that you would usually have done yourself. And that is what makes React really great.

What about the future? React will be around for quite some time now. If not React itself, then at least the principles and the paradigm of React. In the past, you used the so-called imperative approach. Where you told the browser, hey if I click the button I want you to do that. And now with this declarative approach, you only say when a button was clicked, I want the user interface to look like that. Do that for me.

So you don't really tell the browser how to do things, but to just figure out how it needs to be done to get to a certain result. So this was really new to web development and JavaScript development. And maybe there will be a better, more performative framework with a nicer syntax and… make React obsolete eventually. But they will most certainly use the same approach. So I think React itself will be around at least five or ten years.

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Manuel Bieh

Manuel Bieh

React Expert

Passion for quality software is what drives me. I build modern, scalable and maintainable applications for the web. I aim to deliver value to your product, have a positive, exceptional impact on your team, and ultimately help your company to be more efficient.

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