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Coder Society was founded by Kentaro and Koji Wakayama with a grand vision in mind. A community of expert freelancers dedicated to their craft. And in only 4 years, Coder Society has grown into a global platform with members all over the world.

Coder Society

Coder Society

14 November 20192 min read

Koji & Kentaro Wakayama - Coder Society Founders

"As coders ourselves, we know our members’ superpowers"

Koji Wakayama: Kentaro and I are coders and we’ve been freelancing ourselves. During the projects we experienced certain problems over and over again. Things that made us feel unproductive. Such as long ramp-up times, the get-to-know phase, work processes and deciding over technology stacks. All these discussions took quite a big chunk of our time and our energy.

Kentaro Wakayama: Coders want to code. You want to do that. You want to work. You want to deliver. If you can't do that. It feels bad. It doesn't feel satisfying.

Koji: And a lot of other people experienced the same thing. And we were wondering, why is that?

We decided, one thing that we can do to make things a bit better is to bring in our peers into projects. So we just don't have to talk about certain things anymore. We don't have to align on basic things. But really focusing on what is important. Which is like, delivering something, putting it in the hands of the user. I think that is the rewarding moment we are all working towards.

Kentaro: And that’s what we are trying to solve with Coder Society.

Over time we got to know lots of interesting people. We just grouped them, gathered them and worked with them on the next projects. Then the team also put in their people they like working with. That's how it grew naturally.

Koji: What was fascinating was that experience. I mean it sounds very simple. But if you have suddenly let's say a team of five extremely strong people. That also know each other. They know their strengths and weaknesses. I mean, that is a very strong team. That experience is hard to describe with words. Where you can have discussions that is much more interesting. Thinking about problems and maybe different solutions. And trying to find the smart approach.

It's competing in a positive way. It's called the hacker way. This is the thing, you are pushing each other. I give you something, and you like “oh shit this is really cool.” And maybe I can make my twist to it, to add a little bit to it and make it even better.

Kentaro: What's also important for us is that we know our members. We have a personal approach. We can tell a story about every member we have. When there is a new project we can provide the perfect match. We can build the best team you can ever have.

This is not common for coders. It's like a positive shock for them. Like wow, we can actually focus on the interesting problems to solve. Coders want to code. When you provide this environment, this set-up for them...

That's when the magic happens.

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Coder Society

Coder Society

Coder Society helps clients deliver custom software solutions at startup speed by building effective software teams and providing agile tech talent on-demand.

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