How user research will unlock your future

In the coming years, well designed UX/UI will be taken for granted. People won’t be using products which do not look and feel great.

Viviana Alcalde

Viviana Alcalde

14 November 20192 min read

Viviana Alcalde in Berlin, head shot standing on a bridge

"Design is sometimes misunderstood as makeup you put on top of things" My name is Viviana Alcalde. I'm a product designer and I've been working for Coder Society since 2018.

In the next years the UI and UX will be something that users take for granted. So it's not a question of whether it's a good design or not. It's something which has to be there. If somebody download an app which is complicated they will just delete it. People won’t be using products which are not working perfectly. Now we are still in this transition where there are good products and bad products. But in the future this will not be a question.

Are you more UI or UX? I like UI because it’s very visual. But also the UX is very important because it’s what product design is. Without user research the UI is not anymore important. You have to get to know who are the users, for whom you are designing.

Why is user testing important? If you create a small MVP and you test your ideas very quickly with real people you can know whether you want to spend the next three months developing a product or not. By the end it saves money.

How does it work? If a client would like to run a small user test in-house there are some tools like Lookback for example where you can film the users and you can also record the screen of the phone.

You can also recruit five people, bring them into a room to show them a prototype. Then you can see how they navigate. If you also have some surveys you can collect quantitative and qualitative data. And you can give them some goals, you give them a defined task, like: “Can you find this?” If you see that they get lost, you know it’s not working.

What are your favorite apps? I like apps which really made a change in the way people live. Before Spotify we used to buy CDs for listening to music. Then this service or product came and people started streaming music. The same with Airbnb, the service they offer changed the way people live.

How has digital design changed? I remember back in the days, like 10 years ago, when I was working with Photoshop for doing design. The gap between designers and developers were very big. Today with Sketch and all these new tools the gap is closing in. Designers now days work more systematically. We have these libraries and we work closer to developers. I think the workflow changed \na lot because of that.

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Viviana Alcalde

Viviana Alcalde

Design Expert

I'm a product designer and live and work in Berlin. I work in the intersection of UX and UI.

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