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About Coder Society

After realizing that highly skilled engineers had no platform to meet, share expertise and collaborate, Koji and Kentaro Wakayama founded Coder Society in 2015. Four years later, it has grown into a global community where our members build and work on some of the world’s most exciting products and services.

We specialize in digital transformation projects and building MVPs for both new ventures and enterprises. Our approach is to create impact fast, have short feedback loops and always deliver measurable results. We manifest this through zero ramp-up time, sprints and weekly demos, which are all guided by our principles of trust, hard work and transparency.

We work with agile collaboration methods, always tailored to our clients' needs. And we make the entire experience sharable, ensuring our culture and knowledge stays with our clients after we leave.




Koji Wakayama
Kentaro Wakayama

Coder Society Germany

Ackerstraße 5
10115 Berlin

+49 711 838 823 38

Coder Society Sweden

Vasagatan 7
11120 Stockholm

+46 8 760 72 60

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Coder Society Berlin Coderhub

Ackerstraße 5
10115 Berlin

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